10:00 AM Teen Panel – Learning to Function in Dysfunction

1:00 PM  The Family Disease: Families Together In Recovery
– Don L., Dina P., Jacob P. (Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Grandfather/Grandson)
– Margie & Jeff A. (Wife & Husband in AA)
– Sarah & Reggie T. ( Wife in AA, Husband in Alanon)


1:15 PM Teen Panel – Al-Anon found Al-Anon as a Result of My Offsprings Disease


2:00 PM  Predation & Safety In AA
– Speakers to be announced.


3:00 PM  A Vision For You: Long-timers share their experience of what it was like for them as new comers.
– Becky S.
– Christelle L.
– Mark S.
– Rick C. from Australia


Also at 3:00PM  Ask It Basket
– Colleen A.
– Davis S.
– Jamie L.


3:15 PM Teen Panel – Slogans Keep My Program Fresh