Mission Statement 

The Gem State Roundup, LLC is organized as a nonprofit corporation producing an annual convention that provides a service focal point (forum) to the Western half of Idaho by carrying the message of recovery from alcoholism to the local community, the nation, and an international audience through fellowship and the sharing of experience, strength, and hope. 

The Gem State Roundup 

The Gem State Roundup is an annual gathering of alcoholics, with Al-anon participation from across the state of Idaho and the country. Our simple goal is to provide a place for fellowship between recovering alcoholics, Al-anon and friends and families.Gem State Roundup is a nonprofit organization; not officially affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-anon. As such, we have a committee that decides where money over and above operating expenses will be donated after the Gem State Roundup has ended and paid all expenses. We are committed to programs related to recovery, though the beneficiaries of our donations vary from year to year. No individuals ever gain financially from the Gem State Roundup. 

Why We Have to Pay 

Why does it cost to attend the Gem State Roundup? Well, first let’s look at the cost of putting on the Gem State Roundup. Let’s start with meeting space. Each room that the Gem State Roundup uses for meetings, panels, workshops, banquets, and hospitality is an expense to the Gem State Roundup. Airfare and hotel expenses for the speakers that volunteer their time away from their jobs, lives and family to be of service to us and to you are paid by the Gem State Roundup. Why then do it? Because fellowship is a vital component to our recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. So, we can hear other points of view, and to celebrate and to share our lives free from drink and despair. Please know that the Gem State Roundup takes no 7th tradition funds from any group and is self-supporting from its own contributions. That is where you come in. It was not ever intended to be a fundraiser. The Gem State Roundup just needs to support itself so it can be around for you and those that follow you into the rooms. Any and all registration funds received beyond the prudent reserve are issued to the area of the AA structure decided on by the attendees. There is help for those who cannot come up with the registration fee in the form of a scholarship.

The Committee 

The Gem State Roundup committee is an all volunteer, dedicated to providing the best experience possible for those who choose to attend the Gem State Roundup. The Gem State Roundup committee will arrange the convention space and banquet facilities, get fliers printed and distributed, keep track of registrations and finances, arrange for the speakers you will hear and…well, simply everything that goes on behind the scenes to make the Gem State Roundup work. The Gem State Roundup committee volunteers receive no compensation other than the satisfaction of service. Without them, the roundup simply would not be possible. 

The committee meets the second Mondays at 6:30pm

Idaho Pizza Company

7444 W. Fairview Ave

Boise Idaho 83704